Justin Bieber can never buy a Ferrari again

Justin Bieber committed a “mortal sin” for the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. That’s why the US singer is now on the black list.

the essentials in brief

  • Justin Bieber committed “mortal sins” on his own Ferrari.
  • The Italian automaker did not like this at all.
  • The car company should now ban the singer from buying another Ferrari.

Justin Bieber (28) will probably not be able to buy a Ferrari anytime soon. He is blacklisted by the company for his handling of his luxury Italian car. Several international media, including the Times, have reported on it.

Bieber’s crime: He is said to have given his white Ferrari 458 Italia F1 a new neon blue paint job. Then he is said to have left the car in a parking lot in Los Angeles for two weeks in 2016. This because he couldn’t find it after a night of partying.

He is also said to have attached “ugly, flared fenders” and rims from other manufacturers. Finally, the car was sold and the money donated.

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one blacklisted

All things that are considered “mortal sins” for the Italian manufacturer. Bieber probably didn’t realize that Ferrari sees its cars as art and that strict rules apply to its customers. Unauthorized modifications are generally frowned upon and it is also forbidden to resell a new car in the first year. In addition, the company must be informed so that they have the opportunity to buy the car back themselves.

After all, Bieber is in good company on the black list: rapper 50 Cent (46), actor Nicholas Cage (58) and Kim Kardashian (41) are said to be cavorting there.

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