Justin Bieber speaks for the first time about Hailey’s stroke

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    Hailey Bieber had a blood clot in the brain last week, as she herself reported through a ‘story’. The model and businesswoman said that she felt that she was drowning, because she could not breathe, and went to the emergency room, but her own body diluted the clot and she was able to continue with her day: “They discovered that I had suffered a very small blood clot in my brain , which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had gotten over it on its own and I was fully recovered within a few hours,” she wrote on her Insta. “This incident has definitely been one of the scariest times I’ve ever been through, but I’m home now and fine,” she concluded.

    Now, her husband Justin Bieber has spoken for the first time about what happened and has said that he is already better. “She’s recovering after suffering a very small blood clot in her brain last week. She’s fine now. It’s been scary, really scary, but I know God has her in the palm of his hand.” that he gave a few days ago in Denver, Colorado.

    Last Monday, we learned from a source contacted by People that Justin had a really bad time, and that he couldn’t sleep. “When it happened, there was a lot of panic. Justin texted everyone he knew and asked everyone to pray for her, and he never left her side.” Luckily everything has been left in a scare…

    We are glad that he has already recovered.

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