Justin Bieber suffering from a rare and paralyzed syndrome: he shows the after-effects on video

The key word of the summer justin bieber will be rest! While the singer had to chain concerts around the world for his tour Justice World Tour, he saw his projects go up in smoke. At least for now. After the cancellation of several performances, causing misunderstanding and concern among his fans, Justin Bieber finally came out of silence in an Instagram video. On the night of this Friday, June 10, the husband of Hailey Baldwin revealed to be suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a neurological disease, complication linked to the shingles virus, attacking the nerves of the face and leading to paralysis. It is therefore with half of his face motionless that he explained himself on social networks.

As you can see (…), my eye won’t close, I can’t smile on this side of my headhe says while trying to move all parts of his face in vain. For those frustrated with concert cancellations, I just can’t physically deliver the shows. It’s pretty serious as you can see. I would have preferred not to, but obviously my body is telling me that I need to slow down.” he continued.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/justin-bieber-atteint-d-un-syndrome-rare-et-paralyse-il-montre-les-sequelles-en-video_a492710/1