Justin Bieber’s sleeping voice

The singer has announced that he suffers from facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has forced him to temporarily cancel his tour: “pray for me” he asks his fans.

At this point Justin Bieber (28) needs no introduction. Born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario (Canada), and at the age of 12 his musical career began when his mother uploaded a video of him singing to YouTube and later added more performances by the singer.
From there, the rest is history. The song “Baby” became an international hit, Justin’s (rather,) fans in “Beliebers” and he a youth artist hated by certain music purists and adored by his entourage of followers (240 million currently on Instagram ).
His relationship with Selena Gomez, his past drug addiction, his Christian faith, and his current marriage to model Hayley Bieber (Baldwin), are some of the most talked about aspects of his personal life.

Now, the news that his tour has been temporarily canceled is already more than widespread: the singer is affected by facial paralysis that has forced him to make this decision… And it is not the first time that health has forced him to postpone their concerts this year.

Justin Bieber’s tour in 2022 seems to be, judging by the events, cursed. Because this time it was due to Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or otic herpes zoster (caused by the same virus as chickenpox).

But in truth, it should have been held in 2021, when the COVID infections in the world did not allow it. Then, it kicked off in early 2022, but once again the coronavirus made it rain on wet on Bieber’s stage.

It happened in February. Bieber had only been on tour for a day when he learned of his positive for coronavirus, which forced him to postpone the concerts for the summer (and now we do not know when they can be held).

“Given that several members within the Justice Tour team have tested positive for COVID, we regret that we unfortunately have to postpone Sunday’s show in Las Vegas,” read the statement announcing the cancellation.

At that time, the health of those around or following him was the main argument: “Justin is, of course, very disappointed, but the health and safety of his team and fans are always his top priority.”

He could not protect the closest person in his life in the same way: Bieber passed the coronavirus on that occasion without too much mishap, his wife Hailey suffered a stroke a month later that kept her hospitalized.

The possible causes? The coronavirus, birth control pills and a plane flight. Risk factors that, taken together, resulted in that fatal stroke for which Hailey had to undergo surgery in March.

Now, three months later, it is Justin Bieber who is suffering from a serious health condition. In the past, his fans and workers were the priority, and now his own recovery is, as he explained after the sudden cancellation of his shows in Canada.

Last Friday, June 10, the singer revealed what was happening: “Important, please look at this. I love you and I ask you to please keep me in your prayers, ”said the text that accompanied the video on their social networks.

But nothing foreshadowed what his followers would find when they hit play: “Hello everyone, I want to tell you how things are going around here,” greeted the singer. And, for any observant fan, it was easy to see that something was wrong.

“As you can surely see on my face, I am suffering from a syndrome called Ramsay Hunt, caused by a virus that has attacked the nerve in my ear, in my facial nerves, causing facial paralysis,” Bieber explained.

And, while the facial symptoms gave him away on camera, Justin was detailing them: “As you can see, my eye does not blink, I cannot smile on this side of my face either and my nostril does not move… This side of my face He is absolutely paralyzed”, he confessed.

For this reason, the singer had a message for “those who feel frustrated by the cancellations of my next concerts”, to whom he addressed with sincerity: “understand that I am not in a position to act”, he asked.

“As you will understand, this is a pretty serious issue,” Bieber said: “I wish it wasn’t like that, but my body is sending me a signal to slow down and I hope you are able to understand it.”

Despite everything, Justin was optimistic: “Everything will return to normal. It will take time, and we don’t know how long, but I’ll be fine”, he said, and once again demonstrated his faith: “I have hope, and I trust in God and that all this has a reason. But until then I’m going to relax and rest.”

Thus, Justin Bieber’s voice seems forced to sleep once again. We hope that, very soon, the singer’s health will be in optimal conditions to wake her up and finally fill the stadiums with the songs that his fans have been waiting for years.