Kaaris’ new companion harassed online because of the rapper’s ex

The young woman files a complaint against x for harassment, damage to a private vehicle and attempted extortion.

Marion, the new companion of rapper Kaaris, reveals in The Parisian been harassed for a year. The 30-year-old woman, who is insulted on social networks and receives numerous malicious calls, has filed a complaint against x for harassment and damage to a private vehicle.

“They call me at night, they insult me, it has become hell”, explains this nail technician on a daily basis. “We were forced to leave our home and move abroad.”

“All for money”

Marion claims to be the target of Linda, Kaaris’ ex-girlfriend, who criticizes the rapper for paying her a low pension to take care of their daughter. “Now I’m scared, I’m locking up. This woman needs to leave us alone. I didn’t steal her life. I just want us to be left alone.” Marion and her family have been cyberstalked:

“On the networks, I had taken the lead and deleted my accounts. People managed to find my sister’s, took photos, put them online. My whole family suffers from it. I am a discreet person . I don’t want my life to be spread out like this at all. All for money.”

“A campaign of denigration and defamation”

“The situation is very violent for my client”, comments her lawyer, Me Yassine Maharsi. “She is undergoing a campaign of denigration and defamation, organized and orchestrated, against a backdrop of threats and harassment. Her companion’s ex-concubine uses social networks to quench a thirst for revenge.”

And the lawyer to conclude: “The process is only intended to agitate a virtual pack abused to obtain, by a process close to extortion. Justice will protect, without a doubt, my client.” Linda notably received the support of Booba, who made fun of his rival Kaaris in several videos posted on Instagram.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/la-nouvelle-compagne-de-kaaris-harcelee-en-ligne-par-l-ex-du-rappeur_AN-202207010270.html