Kai was born, the first baby of Greeicy and Mike Bahía; the Colombian singer shares his happiness on social networks | People | Entertainment

“From today we leave a mark, compañera @greeicy 👣 I admire you, I respect you and I celebrate you; You keep taking me to another level! YOU ARE AMAZING! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!”. With this message, the Colombian singer Mike Bahía announced the birth of Kai, the result of his romantic relationship with the artist Greeicy.

The artist from Cali gave birth this Thursday, in Medellín. And, although she has not yet spoken on her social networks, Bahía also shared a story in which she appears, sitting in the operating room before giving birth.

Although the couple of artists had not announced the exact date of the birth of their son, on Instagram, in the last videos they had posted, the interpreter of Toxic Y The math she was shown with a pronounced belly due to her pregnancy.

They had previously announced that, upon becoming parents, if they had a child, they would call him Kai; and if she was a girl, Arena.

During the pregnancy, Greeicy shared several photos in which she proudly showed her new figure with the arrival of motherhood. “She had never felt so powerful to me 🦋… So strong, so brave. So confident, so beautiful, so active… so inspired. I hadn’t put this on my wish list and it has completely exceeded my expectations. Let the BEST come 🦋💣 Thanks to all the combo that accompanies me… for following my crazy things even if they go against time. I love you so much 🌺”, she reads to herself in one of her photo series on her Instagram account.

On December 23, the couple of artists announced the arrival of their son with the premiere of the video titled Att. Love, in which both appear and confirmed the news of their pregnancy. After this announcement, both shared this stage with their followers with the Amantes Tour, which toured several countries.

Congratulations on the birth of your son did not wait. Among the personalities who left messages for the couple was the actress Johanna Fadul.

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now the good stuff has come… Until here you will know what it is to sleep, hahahahahahahahahaha 🤍🤍 They are loved, ”wrote the artist.

The singer Paola Jara wrote: “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌 God bless you, beautiful family 🎉🎉🐣🐣🎶🎼💛”. While the musician Andy Rivera posted: “Papa Mike, welcome to the club!! 😍😍😍, if you used to see life in color, now you’re going to see it in FULL HD, you’ll be the best daddy little arrow I adore you. Congratulations. 🍾”. (I)