Kailia Posey had a bright future but decided to ‘end her life’ at 16

The story of Kailia Posey has left a mystery in her family, who cannot understand how it is that a young woman who seemed to have a comfortable life and a bright future decided to commit suicide.

The TMZ portal released a statement in which the family mourns the death of Posey, who had indeed shown great talent for the world of entertainment, both as a contortionist and as a cheerleader.

At his school, he had already earned a place among the demanding animation group, in which he would participate from the summer of this year.

“She won countless crowns and trophies in competitions on the pageant circuit throughout her life,” the family published in the statement reproduced by the portal.

As a child, she appeared on the show “Toddlers & Tiaras,” and her face went viral for a pout that continues to be used on social media. However, Kailia Posey died at just 16 years old.

Her mother, Marcy Posey, reported on Facebook yesterday: “I am speechless. A beautiful girl is gone. My baby forever.”

Kailia appeared on television at age 3. Her mother proudly described her: “She’s a pro. When she gets on that stage, she’ll say she’s nervous, but once there, she’s a pro. She’ll beat you, every time. Kailia is very talented.” .

“I mean, just amazing. I don’t know anyone who competes with Kailia,” her mom would say.

Posey’s death took not only the family by surprise, but also those who remembered her for the meme that made her famous.

“Her great talent for contortionism had already earned her professional touring job offers and she had recently been selected to be a cheerleader at her school.”

The reasons why she decided to commit suicide have not been disclosed, but the family expressed in the statement the deep mark left by the young woman:

“Although she was an accomplished teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately in a rash moment she made the decision to end her life on earth.”

Posey had plans to become an airline pilot and was contracted to act in a commercial since, according to his family, he had plans to make a career in the entertainment industry.