‘Kaleidoscope’, season 2: premiere, cast, trailer…

    Everybody talks about ‘Kaleidoscope’ And we are not surprised because among the avalanche of releases that arrive every month on Netflix, we find a novelty that makes it special compared to the rest of the titles that appear in the catalog. Although its plot is not too new, the peculiar thing about this fiction is that you can see it in different ways. It is not linear, so the result may be different, depending on the path you have decided to take to enjoy it.

    If you need a guide, don’t miss our recommendation on the order you must follow to see ‘Kaleidoscope’. Many have marathoned it and now they wonder if there will be a season 2. For now, the platform has not manifested itself, but it would not be unreasonable for it to make the announcement soon. Let’s hope they don’t leave us wanting more, as just happened with ‘1899’, fiction that has not been renewed. While we wait, we tell you everything we know about this possible second installment.

    image of the protagonist


    ‘Kaleidoscope’: season 2 plot

    Before going into the speculation, as you know, the first installment covers 25 years of this story about a gang of thieves who plan to rob a vault and their actions to outwit the complex security team and the FBI. Inspired by real events, ‘Kaleidoscope’ It proposes different chapters divided by colors to consume randomly with white as an outcome. Despite the multiple problems to get the robbery materialized, they come to an end. With some essential characters out of the game, for obvious reasons, and according to some circulating fan theories, they could change bands for new chapters, introducing a new cast or there being a new, more ambitious robbery as happened in ‘La casa de papel’ ‘.

    ‘Kaleidoscope’: season 2 cast

    Without knowing more information, it is difficult to put on the table the names that will make up the cast of ‘Kaleidoscope’, since it would depend on the direction that the plot takes and because in the previous one there have been significant casualties. It is early to know, but we will be aware of any news.

    ‘Kaleidoscope’: season 2 release date

    According to the available data, the series took around six months to complete and then almost ten to premiere, so it does not seem feasible that it will arrive, if it has the green light, until 2024. We will have to be patient…