“Kaleidoscope”, the new Netflix that has stirred up the fans

Under the premise: “The order of factors does not alter the product”, this production has caused a stir among its viewers, especially in the way of viewing it. We tell you what order to follow to see the 8 episodes.

Since its premiere on January 1, the miniseries “Kaleidoscope” started on the right foot, as it drew attention that the episodes do not have a specific title or numbering, but they are identified by colors.

The chapters can be viewed in any order without affecting the story, but some have mentioned that there is actually a correct way to view the Netflix production.

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Inspired by the true story of the disappearance of $70 billion in bonds in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, “Kaleidoscope” is an eight-episode anthology series spanning 25 years.

A gang of thieves sets out to open a supposedly impregnable vault to get the biggest loot in history. Each episode reveals a piece of a puzzle of corruption, greed and revenge.

Among the actors participating are Giancarlo Esposito (Leo Pap), Rufus Sewell (Roger Salas), Paz Vega (Ava Mercer), Rosaline Elbay (Jydy Goodwin). The cast is also made up of Jau Courtney, Tatu Gabrielle and Peter Mark.

The series does not have a linear narrative, so each person may have a different perspective; However, some users on social networks have mentioned that the order in which the chapters are presented appears differently in each account.

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Some say that White is the last to see, while others say that it is not. We leave you the order they suggest on social networks: Violet-Green-Yellow-Orange-Blue-White-Red-Pink. What do you suggest? Do you agree?