“Kaleidoscope”, the series that can be watched in any order

If the scenario of this robbery series is quite classic, the originality of the program lies in the way of watching it: the eight episodes can be viewed in the order you want.

Nine experienced robbers plan a 25-year heist to recover seven million dollars’ worth of loot kept in a vault. If the storyline of the new Netflix series, Kaleidoscopelooks quite classic – and is reminiscent of another platform hit, Money Heist – this program nevertheless represents a small revolution in the world of streaming.

As Netflix explains, the originality of this series, imagined by Éric Garcia, lies in the way of viewing it. Each of the eight episodes of Kaleidoscope is not numbered and is simply named after a color: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink and white.

Thus, spectators can watch them in the order they want with more than 40,000 possible combinations. Only path recommended by Netflix: finish with the “white” episode which takes place on the day of the robbery.

“A unique television experience where each episode is a piece of the puzzle. Choose the order of the episodes and the narration”, specifies the series in the preamble in its “black” introductory episode.

Second most watched series in France

But for viewers who would like to follow the organization of the robbery in chronological order, Netflix has unveiled a viewing guide which specifies the temporality of each of the episodes in relation to the day of the heist.

Here is, according to the platform, the order to follow to watch Kaleidoscope from its beginning, 25 years before the robbery, until its outcome, six months after the heist: purple, green, yellow, orange, blue, white, red and pink.

The streaming giant then had fun listing other possible viewing orders like a film by Quentin Tarantino, Usual Suspects or series Orange is the new black.

And the bet of this new format seems successful for the streaming platform since Kaleidoscope is currently the second most-watched series on Netflix in France since its release on January 1.

By Carla Loridan with Lorène de Susbielle

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/series/kaleidoscope-la-serie-qu-on-peut-regarder-dans-n-importe-quel-ordre_AN-202301060580.html