Kaleth Morales’s daughter debuted as a singer in Silvestre Dangond’s concert

On their social networks, the Vallenato singers Silvestre Dangond and Katrinalieth Morales showed their followers how the experience of sharing the stage in the month of December at a concert in Tunja.

Silvestre, who is the godfather of Kaleth Morales’s daughter, took the artist up on stage and they performed the song together ‘I play it all’ by Kaleth Morales.

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“Being your boyfriend is a trunk on a note and today I want to shout it out. Let everyone know that your love makes me lose my mind and what I tell you is not a joke and I can swear to it. Let everyone know that your love makes me lose my mind”, sang the two Vallenato artists.

Miguel Morales’s granddaughter shared, in addition to the video, a series of photographs with her godfather: “Last night’s night. Thank you godfather for this opportunity, for your words and for making the moment so unique and special, ”he wrote.

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It is worth mentioning that Katrinalieth is 20 years old, and at her young age she has managed to establish herself as a recognized singerfollowing the legacy of the ‘King of the new wave’.

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