Kamila (Secret Story) in the emergency room after excruciating pain: her nightmare continues

The ordeal continues for Kamila, candidate of Secret Story 11. The young mother found herself in the emergency room for the second time in a very short time. The first time, it was about the Covid, but today, it is for a completely different reason that she finds herself in the hospital. Without further ado, Objeko tells you what happened to Kamila.

Kamila has accumulated all the symptoms of Covid

These last few weeks have been difficult for Kamila and Noré, her partner. This lovely couple, who formed thanks to season 11 of Secret Story, became the parent of a little Adria in the month of April. Unfortunately, shortly after his birth, the whole little family was infected with Covid. Even Kenan, the eldest, caught it. In addition, the young mother clarified that all had many symptoms.

Today, they are all cured, but this period was particularly complicated for the small family and more particularly for Kamila who accumulated all the symptoms. “I had every possible symptom,” Kamila said. Fever, body aches, chills, loss of taste and smell, ocular migraines, cough, eye pain. Today, we too are cured but I swear to you, it was a hassle, we still had it until yesterday. »

The young woman back in the hospital with severe pain

Unfortunately, the ordeal was not over. As Kamila uttered these words, new galleys were about to point the tip of their noses. Indeed, the young woman announced that she was back in the hospital on her Instagram story. But this time, the virus is not responsible for his state of health. On the other hand, he would have favored this situation all the same. Throughout her Covid, Kamila was unable to properly breastfeed her baby. As a result, she suffered from extremely painful engorgement. “My breastfeeding has been turned upside down. So yesterday evening, another evening in the emergency room… Engorgement, I’ve had it for 2 or 3 days. I let you imagine the pain for those who know “ she confided to her subscribers. The latter heard these words from the mouth of the young mother who filmed herself after entering the emergency room.

Kamila therefore found herself lying on a hospital bed. Masked and exhausted, she addressed her many fans: “Back to the emergency room again, that’s it! The Covid, I’ve had it for more than a week, I’m healing. Now it’s another issue with my breasts in relation to, I think, breastfeeding which has been very disrupted. I have indescribable pain. » The pain was so intense that she was no longer able to properly care for her children. That’s why she ended up in the emergency room again. “I can’t even carry the children, burp Adria, I have trouble. I spent an atrocious night but there it was for other problems, other than the Covid. I had to come to the emergency room, I told myself that I couldn’t spend a second night like this. » she had explained.

Doctor’s advice followed to the letter

Still, Kamila appears to have followed doctors’ advice to the letter. Discouraged and exhausted, she added: “No matter how much I listened to the advice of the doctor I saw in the emergency room two nights ago, I really did everything she told me to do, but it didn’t go away. And I feel like it got a little worse. So I’m waiting to see what the doctor will tell me. »

Since this publication on her Instagram story, the young woman has not given any news to her most worried subscribers ever. Let’s hope that she is out of the hospital and that she finally finds her daily life as a young mother. After this difficult period, the pretty brunette will need time to rest and enjoy her family. Especially since she has just celebrated her eight years of marriage with her spouse. A few weeks ago on Instagram, the beauty posted a photo of their pretty heart-shaped cake. We wish a lot of happiness to this lovely couple!

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