Kany García reaffirms his commitment to teachers and other sectors of the Island | shows

In February, the singer-songwriter Kany García musicalized the claims of the teachers with a version of her single DPM and since then she has remained a strong voice in the claims of the teachers and other sectors of the country.

“Probably, I will touch several times in the Choliseo what is happening with the teachers because that is really the tip of the iceberg, there are many things happening. One thing is that now he has been given this (salary) increase that has an expiration date, which apparently is said yes or no, but it is wobbly there. But at the same time there is the issue of retirement. How there has been this number of retirees and withdrawals not by desire, but because they are being destined for poverty. There is so much topic in teaching that I don’t know if it can be summed up in a song”, he stated.

He highlighted the opportunity and possibility that he has of carrying the message through his platforms and does not rule out doing other issues to raise the voice of the sector, which fights for better salary and retirement conditions.

After his concerts were postponed due to covid-19, finally this Friday and Saturday Kany will go on stage at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico to meet again with the Puerto Rican public.

Excited and happy, the voice of Agüita e’ coco assured that she would offer the public a tour of her 15-year career and promised an “impressive” production. His last presentation at the Choliseo was in October 2019.

After performing in Puerto Rico, García will tour Latin America, the United States and Spain.

Fine tune new album

Over the course of the tour, Kany will premiere his eighth studio album, which he had been working on for a year.

With this new proposal, the interpreter assures that she feels relaxed and less anxious when compared to her previous projects.

“Before, things gave me more anxiety and I thought about how people were going to receive it. But when you do the things that you organically want to defend, that you feel come from you and talk about what you want to talk about and what worries you, that level of anxiety that could exist before an album no longer exists, “explained the artist. in interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

On the 10-song album, García will address themes that he claims vindicate the human being, which is why it is called El amor que deservemos. “It is the most rhythmic album I have made in my entire career and that responds to a post-pandemic moment because I want to make nostalgic songs, I feel at a time in my life that I want these to be the songs that accompany me, “he said.

The album will arrive on digital platforms on May 27 and announced that it has three collaborations, but the names of the artists have been reserved.

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