Kanye West and Chaney Jones: the couple broke up after only 5 months of romance

Only five short months after the start of their relationship, Kanye West and Chaney Jones already seem to be taking different paths. For the moment, we do not know who is behind this rupture.

Kanye West and Chaney Jones, it’s already over. As they have just returned from a one-on-one trip to Japan, the singer and the model would have decided to take different paths. According to the American media TMZ, if it is not known which of the two protagonists is at the origin of the rupture, Kanye West would have been seen at the cinema with another woman. And this last weekend. Which would mean that their relationship is well and truly over.

To go in this direction, the model Chaney Jones deleted all photos with the rapper on his Instagram account. However, something rather strange, this Wednesday, June 8, on the occasion of the birthday of Kanye West (44 years old), Chaney Jones published a video wishing him a happy birthday. “Happy birthday baby. I love you”, she wrote in the commentary of a photo montage. A real act or an action to silence rumours? For the moment, we cannot say anything.

The relationship between Kanye West and Chaney Jones already seems to be over

The romance between Kanye West and the Kim Kardashian lookalike began in February, when the two were photographed shopping in Miami. The romance was confirmed on Instagram, when the two posted a photo of themselves accompanied by a black heart emoji.

The pair were then spotted sitting together at the edge of the field at a Los Angeles Lakers game in March before showing off hand-in-hand during a trip to Japan. As a reminder, Kanye West is still in the middle of a divorce from Kim Kardashian, with whom he married in May 2014 and had four children.