Kanye West deprived of Grammy performance due to ‘disturbing behavior’

Kanye West will not perform at the Grammy Awards, which will take place in two weeks in Las Vegas. The organizers have pointed the finger at his “worrying behavior online”, in reference to the insults and harassment he inflicts on his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West did not appear on stage on April 3 for the Grammy Awards. The performance that the rapper was to give has been canceled, one of his representatives told “variety “. While organizers have not confirmed the news, the artist’s spokesperson said he received a call on Friday saying that “unfortunately” he would be removed from the list of artists scheduled to sing that night. His “disturbing behavior online” is said to have precipitated this decision. “Variety” specifies that his name had not however been announced in the first list of artists to perform on stage but that he could have been added soon. “Our sources say Kanye’s team is not surprised,” writes “The Blast “.

Kanye West’s attitude for several weeks worries more and more. Instagram decided a few days ago to suspend his account for 24 hours due to the harassment, insults and violence he shares towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Rapper The Game, close to Kanye West, wrote on Instagram Friday evening: “The Grammys decided at the last minute to prevent Kanye West’s show on stage, as if we had not seen it coming. It may be because Trevor Noah is hosting the party (…) or because Ye’s account was suspended a few days ago for unknown reasons”. Host Trevor Noah, who will present the Grammy Awards, was the target of racist attacks from Kanye West last week after he expressed concern about his behavior and pointed out the danger that incurs Kim Kardashian. On his show, the “Daily Show,” he said what Kim Kardashian is going through is “terrifying to see and highlights what so many women go through when they decide to leave.” “We see one of the most powerful and wealthy women in the world, unable to stop her ex from texting, following and harassing her.” The suspension of the rapper’s Instagram account followed messages he sent to the host. But Trevor Noah also reacted to the Grammy Awards decision, saying he “asked for him to be helped, not eliminated.”

Among Kanye West’s shocking posts of late are two music videos for his new song “Eazy” in which a person who strongly resembles Pete Davidson is abused and tortured. In another post, he said he hadn’t seen his daughter since last week and wanted to protect her at all costs as a “family priest”. To which Kim Kardashian – who however never reacts to the provocations of her ex – replied: “Please stop with that, you were there this morning when you came to pick up the children to bring them to school. “. The eldest of the Kardashian sisters formalized her relationship with Pete Davindson on March 11, after being officially declared single by a judge.

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