Kanye West is back on Twitter

While Kanye West’s Twitter account had been suspended after the publication of anti-Semitic messages last October, the rapper made his return this Sunday to the social network recently bought by Elon Musk, like some other famous banished.

A first tweet. After donald trump, whose Twitter account was reactivated on Saturday by Elon Musk, it’s Kanye West’s turn to see himself reopening the doors of the social network. The controversial artist, whose account was deactivated after anti-Semitic posts, posted his first message yesterday.

“Test Test, See if my Twitter is unblocked,” shared Kanye West. A publication to which Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter since October 28, reacted, explaining: “Don’t kill what you hate. Save what you love”.

A rehabilitation that divides

A few hours later, Kanye West broke into a second post in which he shared just one word, “Shalom,” which means “peace” in Hebrew and can also mean “hello or goodbye.”

These two publications sparked several reactions on Twitter, some urging the artist to “leave” and expressing their disapproval, others welcoming his return. Asked by a user asking Elon Musk to act on Kanye West’s hate speech and the harm it does to innocent people, the Twitter boss replied by sharing the new policy of the social network, since he l repurchased 44 billion dollars at the end of October.

“Twitter’s new policy is freedom of expression, not freedom of access. Negative, hateful tweets will be “deboosted” and demonetized to the maximum, so Twitter will not receive any advertising or other revenue. You won’t find the tweet unless you search for it specifically, which is no different from the rest of the internet.

This is not the only personality to have returned to Twitter in recent days. Several banned accounts were reopened, including those of Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson and Babylon Bee, considered leftist in the United States, last Friday.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-11-21/twitter-kanye-west-fait-son-retour-sur-le-reseau-delon-musk-avec-un-message-ambigu