Kanye West is said to be missing: Where’s the rapper?

Where’s the rapper?

Kanye West is said to be missing

Because a former business partner tried unsuccessfully to deliver court documents to the rapper, rumors are mounting in the United States that Kanye West could be considered missing.


According to a former business partner, rapper Kanye West has disappeared.

According to information from the British “Mirror”, Thomas St. John tried to send files to court payments amounting to the equivalent of more than four million francs to Kanye West (45), who had recently fallen into disrepute – unsuccessfully. According to the newspaper, the Brit could not find an address where the rapper could be found. St. John then told an American court that he feared West had disappeared.

St. John appeared in court on December 19 of this year – apparently to obtain an extension of the deadline. At the time, however, West did not have a lawyer who could accept the documents on behalf of his client.

case postponed

For its part, the “Sun” reports that St. John and his lawyers have written to the court asking the court to postpone the case until the end of March 2023 – the request was apparently granted, with a further meeting to take place in April next year.