Kanye West is sued by a preacher: he claims he used his sermon without authorization | Famous

However, his problems do not end there, since he recently received a lawsuit in which he is accused by a pastor from Dallas, Texas, who alleges that West used one of his sermons without his authorization in one of his songs on the album ‘Donda’ .

Why did a pastor sue Kanye West?

As if what he is experiencing was not enough, this May it transpired that a preacher sued Kanye West for copyright infringement. The plaintiff said that in a song on ‘Donda’, an album named after his late mother, the rapper uses one of his sermons without his consent.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Texas-based pastor David Paul Moten filed a lawsuit against the singer, Universal Music Group Recordings, Def Jam Recordings and GOOD Music.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, May 3, Moten alleges that the producer and businessman used a recording of one of his sermons on the subject. ‘Come to Life’ from his album ‘Donda’which launched in August 2021.

He claims that at least two sections of the topic contain excerpts from his Christian discourse. The song lasts five minutes and 10 seconds, of which 70 seconds supposedly correspond to David Moten’s sermon, that is, it would be more than 20 percent of the song.

In the court documents presented by the pastor it is established that the rapper has shown a “alarming pattern” of “deliberately and egregiously sampling sound recordings of others without their consent”.

According to Reuters, Kanye West has already had other demands of the same type. In 2013, a Hungarian singer accused him for the song ‘New Slaves’. In 2016, he used a child’s prayer in ‘Ultralight Beam,’ and in 2018, he used a play about Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey in ‘Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)’, a collaboration with rapper Kid Cudi.

So far, neither the Universal Music Group label, Moten’s lawyer or Kanye West have commented on the matter.

The latest Kanye West scandals

After his divorce of the star of the reality show ‘Keeping up whit The Kardashian’, the rapper has harassed her and her new partner, Pete Davidson, sending them inappropriate messages on social networks.

The singer-songwriter also issued racial slurs via Instagram against the Daily Show host, Trevor Noahwhich is why the social network suspended his profile for 24 hours.

Kanye has gone from one scandal to another in recent months. Recall that, according to The Blast, the rapper would be left out of the GRAMMY Awards show on April 4 for his “worrying behavior online”. In this regard, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences did not confirm or deny the information given by the rapper’s representative to ‘People’ and ‘Variety’.