Kanye West travels to Japan with his girlfriend and does not go to his son’s birthday

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex, travels to Japan with a girlfriend and does not go to his son’s birthday. The rapper has not stopped being in the middle of the eye of the hurricane, after ending his romance with Kim Kardashian, and it seems that it rains on wet since since then he has unleashed a series of criticisms for his behavior.

The musician traveled to the Asian country with his new girlfriend Chaneywho is known as Kim Kardashian’s double, however, caused outrage that the rapper prefers to walk the streets of Japan instead of celebrating the birthday of the youngest of the four children he shares with Kim.

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However, there were fans of the rapper who defended him arguing that actually the child’s birthday is until May 9but Kim Kardashian was the one who went ahead a few days and made the little party.

In addition, we must remember that the relationship of the former couple was not in the best term. Even In January when it was his daughter Chicago’s birthday, Kanye complained about his ex-wife because she did not want to share the address where the party would take place birthday.


For this reason, we also do not doubt that the same thing has happened and therefore the rapper wanted to enjoy his new romance with Chaney, with whom it was rumored that he had already finished because they had not made any public appearance for several weeks. However, they confirmed that they are happy in Japan.

Pastor sues Kanye

The singer’s problems continue because a pastor from Dallas, Texas recently sued Kanye allegedly because he used one of his sermons without his authorization in one of his songs belonging to the album Donda, name of his deceased mother.

According to the TMZ media, there are legal documents that confirm the lawsuit filed by pastor David Paul Moten, against the singer, Universal Music Group Recordings, Def Jam Recordings and GOOD Music. The priest says that in at least two sections of the topic there are excerpts from his Christian discourse.

It should be noted that the song lasts five minutes and 10 seconds, and supposedly 70 seconds correspond to David Moten’s sermon, that is, it would be more than 20 percent of the song.

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