Karely Ruiz and Yeri Mua do not hide their charms and attack them

A couple of photographs cause a stir in which they appear Karely Ruiz and Yeri Muatwo of the most popular Influencers of recent times, which is why an intense wave of reactions will be unleashed among their followers.

Before the fabulous publication that Karely Ruiz shared through her official Instagram account, it caused an intense uproar, since a large number of red hearts, flames of fire and passionate compliments were present.

But his detractors also appeared to attack and they did not observe its beauty, which they say is too produced, you argue that they are lovers of filters and of operations.

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The famous were branded as the most tuned In 2022, their great bodies and the way they show them off in tiny, tight clothes is what always attracts the attention of these Influencers who have been in charge of moving the netizen public with their photos and videos.

Karely Ruiz and Yeri Mua do not hide their charms and attack them. Photo: Instagram

For her part, Karely Ruiz is one of the most risky when it comes to showing off her beauty, and that is that through her paid OnlyFans account she manages to seduce and catch the eye.

In a short time she has become one of the best paid, so her audience is on the lookout for what she does and doesn’t mind paying more to see her extreme curves.

Yeri Mua on the other hand has starred in one of the most viral scandals on social networks, as she ended her love affair with the famous Influencer Brian, with whom she began to gain popularity through Facebook, where the famous woman shares videos and photos in which she reveals her charms and lets her imagination run wild.

Her peculiar style and her positive attitude have led her to be one of the best content creators, so now Karely Ruiz and Yeri Mua unleashed the madness, they all assure that Brian’s ex will soon open her private account, since many they ask him to teach more of her beauty.

Karely Ruiz and Yeri Mua do not hide their charms and attack them. Photo: Instagram

Undoubtedly, with this photograph, the famous do not hide their charms and let their admirers look at each other while their haters wait for any moment and attack them mercilessly.

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Its detractors never stop at nothing and look for a way to overshadow the images that the young women share with their fans at heart, who appreciate the content that undoubtedly delights the pupil and raises the temperature.

Karely Ruiz and Yeri Mua do not hide their charms and attack them. Photo: Instagram

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