Karen Martínez, Juanes’ wife, responds to those who criticize her for doing yoga in a bikini | Famous

In addition, she has a deep passion for yoga, a discipline that is a regular part of her days and her posts on Instagram.

On this social network, Karen posts videos and photos of the different yoga postures and exercises she performs with sporty looks such as tops and leggings. However, in her most recent posts, the 43-year-old Colombian changed her ‘sport’ look for a much more sensual one.

Karen Martínez, Juanes’ wife, responds to criticism for doing yoga in a bikini

Like many celebrities, the interpreter of ‘Black Shirt’ and his family started the year on vacation. In her case, they made it a paradisiacal beach destination, which is why the bikinis have been the protagonists of the looks of Karen and her daughters Luna, the eldest, and Paloma.

Despite being on vacation, Karen has not stopped exercising and has had several yoga sessions in a swimsuit, which she has shared on her Instagram profile.

However, several Internet users did not like that he exercised with this type of garment and did not hesitate to express it in the comments section.

Some messages were quite direct, while others simply questioned her about it and even suggested that she wear other types of clothing.

“Because so monstrona lately”; “Spectacular body for her age and with children, but why exhibit so much you are divine and we know that.”

“You are beautiful lady, but you would look more beautiful with yoga pants and a nice athletic top… You are beautiful but that beautiful body is only for the eyes of the man next to you, don’t you think?”

Among the criticisms, this message stood out: “I think it has the same effect with exercise clothes, why do it in a bathing suit?”, Since it was chosen by Karen to answer her ‘haters’.

“Because I want to and I can,” Martínez stated.

Also, in the thread of responses to this comment, Karen coincided with an Internet user who came to her defense with the following text: “I think it’s because she feels like it and doesn’t need her approval.”

Beyond the messages that criticized her, Karen received multiple messages that applauded her figure.

“Amazing body”; “Spectacular the one who can, can”; “Divine, beautiful”; “The bodywer”; “Congratulations. You are a role model”; “This woman is incredible, she is perfect!”; “Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes one forgets that the wall can be used as a yoga prop”.

And you, what do you think of the people who criticized Karen Martínez? What did you think of her answer?