Karim Benzema missed: Why were netizens hilarious at start of Real Madrid game?

During the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, this Wednesday, May 4, Internet users reveled in the stands before the start of the match. The reason ? The tifo made in honor of Karim Benzema, which is far from having unanimous support.

The king of Real Madrid is indeed Karim Benzema. This Wednesday, May 4, Real Madrid overthrew Manchester City in the semi-final of the Champions League. The French striker, who was particularly inspired by the advice of Zinédine Zidane to reach the top, never stops panicking the statistics. Last March, the father of Mélia and Ibrahim beat Thierry Henry, becoming the top French scorer in history, in all competitions.

A very beautiful story that continues to be written, while many supporters are waiting for only one thing: that the 34-year-old footballer finally wins his first golden ball. It was at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid that the supporters gathered in the stands to watch the long-awaited match at the gates of the final.

“Is it a tifo or a composite portrait?”

Unsurprisingly, the stadium was committed to the cause of Karim Benzema, who was entitled to a strong tribute, namely a huge tifo in his likeness. Problem: The drawing didn’t really look like the attacker, if at all.. What to do with the evening of Internet users, who had fun with the failure of this huge tifo, as evidenced by the many tweets published on the subject at the start of the meeting.

Is it a tifo or a composite portrait?“, “Congratulations to Pablo, 6 years old, who won the drawing contest for the tifo de Madrid“, “Are you telling us that Karim Benzema sends triplets to each Champions League match to have the right to a tifo all slammed like that? Seriously ?“, could we read in particular on the Web. As always in football, the show is also on social networks and in the stands!

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/karim-benzema-rate-pourquoi-les-internautes-etaient-ils-hilares-au-debut-du-match-du-real-madrid-728633