Karin Viard: “Sage-homme is a film that corresponds to my thinking: feminist without being accusatory”

Interview.- The actress chairs the jury of the 26e edition of the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival. She also presents Wise man, in which she plays. Without departing from her usual humor, she lends herself to the game of our “self-promo” interview.

Irresistibly funny in The hikers , Vase Where The Aries FamilyKarin Viard is the president of the jury of the 26e edition of L’Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival, which takes place from January 16 to 22. The actress also presents Wise mana comedy full of emotions by Jennifer Devoldère, expected in theaters in March.

On video, Wise man with Karin Viard and Melvin Boomer, the trailer

I, president of the jury, am…
Joyful ! The Alpe d’Huez Festival counts more and more for artists who make comedy. However, if there is something at stake, there must be joy! And then, in these difficult times for the cinema, it is necessary to rekindle desire, to make each screening a celebration.

My ideal outfit in L’Alpe d’Huez?
A Fusalp seventies ski suit, very stylish. I was very clear with the patrons of the festival: “To get the best out of me, make me ski every day!” It is necessary to air the head between the films and the squeegees.

My character in Wise man ?
I play an experienced midwife who takes a trainee under her wing and helps him discover, through the profession, what it is to be a woman. It’s a very beautiful film about listening and helping each other.

“I’m an actress but I can’t lie”

How does this film resonate in my life?
It corresponds to my thinking: it is feminist without being accusatory. My character does not give any moral lessons: it is through her profession, her actions and what she is, a free woman, that she opens the mind of this young man.

My shooting secret?
I did a midwifery course. I had two children – an incomparable emotion – but seeing life arise from someone you don’t know is also an indescribable thrill.

What I would like to say about Wise man ?
I would like the film to promote awareness of the importance of midwives, which are still underestimated. They have a enormous responsibility at a time of life which, for each parent, is one of the most important, but their claims, highly legitimate, are too little heard.

I have a very direct side that I don’t know how to domesticate

Karin Viard

Is talking about me on promo a chore?
It all depends on the interviewer: it can become a pleasure if the feeling is there.

Wooden tongue or tongue too loose?
Too loose, of course, and not just in an interview. I’m an actress but I can’t lie. I have a very direct side that I don’t know how to domesticate. I assume who I am, but I find it a shame not to be able to choose to be otherwise. It might work out for me sometimes.

The last time I was proud of myself?
When I just managed to close it!

What am I hiding in an interview?
If I hate the filmmaker I worked with, I don’t say so. I manage to remain evasive and not betray the substance of my thoughts.

The subject that makes me go out of my hinges?
Under the pretext that we are actors, we are asked to answer social questions on which we sometimes have no competence. I do not see the interest.

What do I tell myself when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning?
Pffft! I really don’t want to grow old.

The question I’m not answering?
The one about my private life. I don’t want to pay the right to be an actress by exposing my privacy.

Any misunderstanding about me?
No idea. In the age of social networks, it is impossible to be completely in control of your image. I know who I am, my friends and relatives too: that’s enough for me.

What am I going to do after this interview?
My color at the hairdresser!

Source- https://madame.lefigaro.fr/celebrites/actu-people/karin-viard-sage-homme-est-un-film-qui-correspond-a-ma-pensee-feministe-sans-etre-accusateur-20230122