Karine Le Marchand reveals the real cause of Jean-Claude Joly’s suicide, heartbreaking!

A few days ago, viewers of Love is in the meadow were devastated to learn of the tragic disappearance of a farmer. This one had marked the spirits in the show by his humor and his kindness. Karine Le Marchand was also in shock to discover the sad news. The host knows the candidate of her show well and she has her own idea about the reasons that would have pushed the candidate to end his life.

Karine Le Marchand reveals the real reasons for the farmer’s suicide…

Karine Le Marchand, fans of the show and all the production teams are shocked by the sad news. Indeed, more than ten days ago, Jean-Claude Joly, a former farmer from the reality TV program committed suicide in the barn of his farm. As a reminder, this one lives in the village of La Frenaye in the region of Normandy. The facilitator is very close to all the farmers she meets in the program. She paid tribute to him a few days after the tragedy.

My Jean-Claude, words fail me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and affection at each of our reunions. You chose to say stop, so rest in peace. My thoughts are with Maud and your little Charlotte “, could we read on the account instagram by Karine Le Marchand.

Karine Le Marchand in shock at this disappearance

According to journalists from Here is, Jean-Claude Joly had money problems. And it is for this reason that he committed the irreparable. ” Once all her expenses were paid, she only had 100 euros left per month to support her family. He fought for years to keep his head above water, but he couldn’t make it, he was exhausted “, confessed a relative of the farmer to the magazine. We know that the situation of some farmers is dramatic. Jean-Claude Joly is not the only one in this situation. Farmers have been pulling the strings for years and are close to burnout. The year 2021 has been particularly complicated for the agricultural world, as they have failed to recruit. Indeed, some farm managers are asking themselves a lot of questions about their future. Will they be able to hold on?

Karine Le Marchand knew the difficulties of the farmer. During the last press conference of season 17 of Love is in the meadow, she paid tribute to him and revealed some information about his life and his journey. One thing is certain, his existence has not been a long calm river…

A life full of hardships

In the case of Jean-Claude, it has been a life of trials since birth, with many violent deaths. He was someone who had taken the step to change exploitation and stop trafficking “, explained the sidekick of Stéphane Plaza before adding:” When we met him, he was in a mobile home and had taken over a small milking parlor from his parents,” begins by explaining Karine Le Marchand.

The host of Love is in the meadow adds: “He had changed. He understood. He moved on to fattening calves abroad, which was less restrictive. And then he had one too many bereavements that made him dive. No more shit… It’s not just people who have money problems who commit suicide! The Covid crisis has also had a big impact on farmers, not just people in cities with this kind of weariness that we all have a little deep inside us too… “. Karine Le Marchand concluded with these few words: “ He was a great man. We liked him very much. »

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