Karla Panini ready to see Consuelo Duval ‘whenever she likes’

One of the most current scandals in the world of Mexican entertainment is, without a doubt, the separation and the conflict between the extinct “Lavanderas”, personified by Karla Luna and Karla Panini, two women who starred in the dispute for the love of a man.

Although the years have passed and unfortunately, Karla Luna lost the battle to her illness, Karla Panini continues to be the subject of ridicule, comments and resentments.

Recently the photos of the tenth birthday of the daughter that Karla Luna had with Américo Garza came to light and in which you see Karla Panini enjoying the celebration, the laundress became a trend again and the actress even entered into a scandal Consuelo Duval.

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Karla Panini ready to see Consuelo Duval ‘whenever she likes’. Photo: Facebook.

Consuelo Duval made strong statements against Karla Panini, so obviously the washerwoman’s response was immediate, so Panini responded through the microphones of her Internet program, to whom she even issued a warning .

It was in 2021 when the host of Netas Divinas shared how close and special her relationship with Karla Luna was, whom she considered one of her best friends, which is why she felt entitled to address the issue of the controversy that It was caused by the love triangle that she starred in with her best friend, Karla Panini, and her husband at the time, Américo Garza. She went with the youtubers Luisito Comunica and Berth Oh to whom Consuelo Duval told her point of view on the matter in an interview.

“I feel like, every day that I hear his name, to break his ma ***. Not physically, you know, seeing her in her eyes and saying ‘how ugly you are’ would be enough, “she said, because she confirmed that Karla Luna gave the details of how that affair took place.

Although several months have passed since these statements, it was until now that Karla Panini broke her silence and for the first time responded to the actress who gave life to “Nacasia” in the comedy program “La hora pico”.

“Before, I liked the lady’s comedy, and I used to say ‘Oh, what a comedian father she is’, I admired her, she was a person who I really liked the dumbbell she did on television with Eugenio Derbez”, he commented.

However, he pointed out in his podcast that when the humorist made those comments about him, his perception changed and the admiration he once had for him ended, and he revealed that he would confront Consuelo Duval.

“It turns out that when she stated that and talked about it, well I honestly never said anything to her and I never confronted her. But today I do confront her, look, today yes and no way, Consuelo Duval ”, Panini commented this 2022.

The “washerwoman guera” also said that Consuelo Duval got into a topic that she shouldn’t have, just like many other people around her have done.

“I think that she, like everyone else, like many, got into a topic that she should not have gotten into, because I think that, like her, many invented how to be the defenders, be the spokespersons, the heroines, the heroes, the best friends on this issue when they didn’t even know the two affected people,” he added.

So Panini made it clear that it will happen the day they meet face to face.

“The lady got on the bandwagon, and everyone does it, as I have told them, to gain followers, to seek applause (…) The truth is that, I have not run into her, the day I run into her, with A lot of pleasure, Consuelo Duval, with a lot of pleasure, I’d love to greet you and I’d love to see you face to face, because I don’t owe you anything, neither to you nor to anyone, so whatever you like to do, we do it and we’ll be happy to do it , of course, here is what to love you with ”, he sentenced.

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