Karla Panini went against Slobotzky from La Cotorrisa: “Very bland, no joke, like very conceited”

Karla Panini attacked the comedian from La Cotorrisa (IG: malinfluencersmx)
Karla Panini attacked the comedian from La Cotorrisa (IG: malinfluencersmx)

In the last episode of Bad Influencerspodcast by Karla Paniniseveral were uncovered compromising situations, like the Sergio Verduzco plantainand another with comedian Slobotsky with whom he had alleged friction.

The driver confessed what she thinks about the member of the parrot, after in the past they had an alleged bad encounter.

“That (Slobotsky) has also talked about me on two or three occasions that they have sent it to me. I don’t follow him or watch his show, La Cotorrisa”, he said.

And it is that the standupero had told during an episode of the parrot a anecdote involving her and his alleged bad attitude with the people who were at the recording site. Panini recalled:

Image of La Cotorrisa, Slobotzky on the left (Photo: Screenshot)
Image of La Cotorrisa, Slobotzky on the left (Photo: Screenshot)

“He said that he had gone to our program, I don’t know why the topic was to talk about me. So, he was talking about me and he said: ‘She looks very strange, with a very dense vibe, like no one wants to hang out with her, no one wants to talk to her, she was far away and no one was fighting her’”.

After that, Panini clarified that at that time It wasn’t that “she was serious” and they didn’t “peel” her, but that she was the head of the program“the queen of that program”, so she was aware of everything and had to be giving directions, added to the fact that she did not know who he was.

She stressed that she did not want to say that she was or was “bitter or sad, what happens is that I did not know you” and at that moment Slobotzky didn’t like him so he asked Pancho to interview him. He also preferred that it be so because he did not know his career.

“But since I don’t know you and I don’t know your career, I didn’t know who you were and I wasn’t interested in finding out either, you made me very dull, no joke, like very conceited, so I said: ‘Oh no, how lazy to interview him, interview him Pancho’ ”

Karla Panini (IG: malinfluencersmx)
Karla Panini (IG: malinfluencersmx)

“If something did not seem like it to me in my program, I could be so free to say if I wanted to interview someone or not, because I was the one who guided the program. It’s not that I was alone or they didn’t peel me, what happens is that I didn’t know you and I wasn’t interested in meeting you.

It should be remembered that Karla Panini was highly criticized and even hated after marrying her friend’s partner, Karla Luna, the year after his death. In this context, the standup, during the episodeeither My uncle burned the mattress of the parrot He recounted the context of the controversy and later his experience, which was a year after what happened.

“On a press tour they took us to Exa and there she was, but she feels like a bastard that she knows she is hated. He treated me very well, but he turned to see us as little as possible. She walked like when you know she screwed up. (What happened) is enough not to appear in public life again.”

Throughout the podcast, Karla Panini also mentioned Consulo Duval and his partner plantain, who, according to her, spoke against her despite the fact that they maintained a fraternal friendship. Karla assured her that on several occasions she let Verduzco know that she supported him, one of them was when she made the joke about the tragedy in the ABC Nursery.


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