Karla Souza stars in a film based on the successes of Hombres G

Hombres G musicalized part of Karla Souza’s childhood, so when the actress received the proposal to star in the movie I’m going to have a good time, based on her songs, she did not hesitate to join.

“When I was a girl I didn’t realize they were Spanish, because at that age you don’t even know where the song you’re dancing to comes from, but when I started reading the script and recognized the songs, it seemed very nice to me,” says the Mexican actress in the framework of the Platinum Awards.

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Souza will give life to the character of laylaa young woman who lives in love with the songs of Hombres G.

Off screen, she shares the nostalgia that her character feels when evoking the successes of the group that was formed in Madrid 40 years ago, as she also had a series of experiences that had those songs as a soundtrack, and during filming she visited passages of her life that I had time not to remember.

“The film is a very beautiful moment because I remember all the situations she experienced as a child, the bullies from school, falling in love, the first kiss. I think Hombres G became just that. I haven’t connected with that part of my childhood in a long time and I like to think that people of my generation will be able to do the same.”

The Mexican said that she was invited to the project by director David Serrano, who is recognized for having brought the musical to life. Today I can not get up. It was a pleasure for her to coincide with him, because it also allowed her to return to her acting origins.

“I had never made a musical for the cinema, my first project in Mexico was Avenue Qand I love that genre.” He added that it was a dream come true because for years he wanted to get back into music.

“There are always many roles that I would like to do, it depends on the production, the project. There have been other musicals that have crossed my path, but due to scheduling issues I had not achieved them,” he added.


In addition to I’m going to have a good timethe star of We the noble will premiere an Amazon Audio podcast titled fadewhich addresses issues among the Hispanic community in the United States.

In this regard, he said that this could mark his return to the theater, since there are already plans to take him to the stage soon.

“We were talking with the studio to see if they take it to the theater in New York. It’s about classism and racism within the Mexican and Latin American community,” he explained. “My character is a writer, she is her first year in a studio in the United States, but she is Mexican, and she portrays the relationship that she has with the person in charge of cleaning.”


Having such diverse projects in his career, ranging from comedies like What is the child’s fault?even police dramas How to get away with murder?Karla has experimented with different acting styles, which have made her grow as a professional.

“Every time I work with people on different projects I end up learning, I like working with people I respect and admire. Now, for example, I’m doing a comedy series in English (Home economics), it’s something I hadn’t done and it’s another challenge”.

Now that she is well positioned in the international arena, the actress indicated that she would like to explore the production part more, and she does not rule out directing at some point, although she admits that she still feels more inclined towards the interpretation side.

For this year he is still waiting for the premiere of a film about vampires titled day shiftwhere he will share credits with Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg, and will hit screens on August 12.