Karla Tarazona announces legal action if Christian Domínguez and Isabel Acevedo continue to talk about their son | SHOWS

Karla Tarazonawas affected after Christian Domiguez and Elizabeth Acevedo are mentioning your minor child in television programs.

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Among adults we can say anything, but that they mess with a minor and especially in a lawsuit that is two, I will not allow that, And if I have to act or react in a certain way, I’m going to have to do it because I’m tired of the fact that my son’s name is being played for all these days“, sentenced.

Before the cameras of “Amor y Fuego”, Tarazona was not surprised by what Domínguez said about Isabel. “For all those who called me crazy, I said, time gives the best answers. I opened the doors of my house to her, she had just given birth and regardless of that, she went through everything that happened … So, I could not be fond of a child either, ”she commented at the beginning.

“One’s priority will always be children, and we are already at an age where no one has to manipulate you, we decide who we pay attention to and who we don’t,” he added.

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However, the figure of Panamericana Televisión was quite annoyed because in the midst of the controversy the name of his son Valentino, who is only 6 years old, is being mentioned.

“After everything that has happened, I think she is capable of anything, I always said it, but of course, I was the crazy problem… It does bother me a lot because my son is in the middle… If he already he kills himself with her, it’s their problem, but it’s getting to the point of bringing up the subject with a 6-year-old boy. The one who created the monster is him (Christian) and he will have to cope, ”she finished by saying.


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