Karla Tarazona compares Anthony Aranda with Don Ramón: “Because of his physique or because of his mission” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-Melissa Paredes | SHOWS

He told him!. Karla Tarazona, host of the program “D Mañana”, referred to the current partner of Melissa Paredes, Anthony Arandaand joked about the “swaps” he is currently doing on his social networks.

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Together with his driving partner, Kurt Villavicencio ‘Metiche’, they questioned the ‘retouches’ that the reality boy made.

As you remember, the member of “This Is War” (EEG) appeared with his girlfriend, days ago, in an aesthetic treatment center, where he joked about possible “arrangements” that could be made with a surgeon.

“I wonder if it is beneficial for these businessmen to give exchanges to guys like this, because the other day they gave him espadrilles, people destroyed the shoe company,” Tarazona said.

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At another time, Christian Domínguez’s ex-partner also asked to “stay” with her lines of expression rather than look like the dancer.

“If you are going to leave me as the ‘Activator Cat’, leave me like this with my wrinkles, thank you very much,” he said.

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On the other hand, ‘Metiche’ couldn’t help but joke about the appearance of the current member of ‘EEG’. In this way, he commented that Aranda reminded him of a “dog”.

“You have seen the face of Anthony Aranda, he has a face like a dog, right?” he exclaimed forcefully. Fact that he unleashed laughter on the television set.