Karol G responded to Anuel AA’s hint with a sensual dance

After Anuel AA reacted on Instagram to Karol G’s presentation at the Coachella festival, the Colombian responded to her ex with a suggestive video.

The controversy between the artists began when the Puerto Rican wrote in his account: “And that they say that supposedly I am the one who is stuck in the past. We are no longer in the old days”in addition to adding: “I’m not the one who dedicates songs after so long.”

The young man’s words emerged after the Colombian interpreted the song “Mamiii”, whose lyrics expressed things like: “You were crying and since I didn’t come out. You’re eating another, but you’re thinking of me.”

However, Karol, without giving more details, was encouraged to show herself on Instagram with a 47-second video in which she dances in a bikini, while enjoying a delicious drink and the sun that tanned her. In her publication, the singer wrote: “I remembered that this year I haven’t released music and I cheered up.”

Given this, the followers of Antioquia congratulated her on her success, although they also suggested that her attitude is directed at Anuel AA, who is currently dating Yailin la Más Viral. However, she neither confirmed nor denied this version.