Karol G says goodbye to a year of fulfilled dreams and “many tears” and “things that continued to break my heart”

Karol G was nostalgic for the old year and joined the people who express their feelings for a whole year. In her case, she says goodbye to a year of dreams fulfilled and “many tears” and “things that kept breaking my heart.”

The Colombian urban began her post on Instagram thanking 2022 “for how difficult you were, but even more so, for everything you taught me.”

Then he added: “Every day I feel different, I feel happier, stronger, calmer, loving myself very much and appreciating every little gift in life and that infinite love from you that I never lacked.”

From this year he has “the memories of many tears, of frustrations and questions and things that continued to break my heart (perhaps to rebuild it more beautiful), but also dreams fulfilled, of endless smiles, of being able to visit the most incredible places that ever once I met, and the wisdom of being able to say that I count the millions in health, family and good times and that it doesn’t matter what, or how, or when tomorrow will be beautiful”.

In artistic terms, Karol G achieved his best year in which he closed a tour and began another, with multitudinous presentations.

Karol G is also listed among the 20 top-grossing tours globally in 2022, according to Pollstar’s list.