Karol G showed her cellulite on Instagram: her fans applauded her posting a photo without filters | Famous

Over time, Karol G has shown how comfortable and confident she feels with her figure. With bikini shots, tight looks and even without any clothes, the ‘Provenza’ singer shows off her curves and captivates her fans.

However, the Colombian not only publishes photos where good lighting or a flattering posture allow her to look like a “goddess”, as many of her fans describe her, but she also distinguishes herself by showing herself natural, without filters or retouching.

In this sense, the older Bichota recently shared a series of bikini shots where she showed her body as it is. Among these images, one is distinguished in which the singer ventured to show off her cellulite proudly and fearlessly in the foreground.

Karol G showed off her cellulite in a bikini

The Colombian singer shared five photos with a black bikini with which she showed her natural figure, and even ventured to do poses that we often do not see on Instagram, such as bending down a little and revealing the normal belly that is created when we bend our body. .

In addition to these two images, there is a capture that stood out in her post because Karol G showed off her derrière in the foreground without fear of revealing the cellulite that exists on her body. (Swipe right to see all photos)

With this image, the singer adds one more capture with which she makes it clear that cellulite is a natural part of the body for many of us. Yes! You are not alone: ​​studies reveal that around 80 to 90% of women in the world have this condition on their skin.

For a long time, advertising chose to retouch this misnamed ‘imperfection’ in the body of many of the models and celebrities that we see on magazine covers or billboards.

However, thanks to Karol G and more famous women who show off their figure as it is, without editing or filters, this idea that cellulite has no place in our beauty is increasingly being counteracted.

His photos had a loving welcome by his fans. “Beautiful”, “I love your naturalness”, “Natural and without Photoshop” is read in the comments section.
Several followers applauded that it shows us how important it is to show ourselves as we are.

“What I love about this woman is her self-esteem, she doesn’t care about cellulite, stretch marks or more. She simply shows us that it is not necessary to appear at all and simply feel beautiful with our body. Love you”.

This is not the first time that the 31-year-old Colombian has opted to appear natural. On several occasions she has shown off her cellulite and stretch marks in a bathing suit.

She also ventured to pose with little makeup on the cover of ‘Vogue’ magazine, a publication where she made it clear how important it is to feel comfortable with our image, which should take a backseat, thus prioritizing who we are beyond how we look

“Feeling comfortable as we really are is something we struggle with every day, how we “should” look, or should see ourselves according to the social standard…. Value who we are above how we look.