Karol G shows even her tonsils with a translucent and shiny dress, Barbie mermaid style

Once again, the eccentric bug, Carol G, raised passions through the networks by appearing with a shocking and daring outfit, Mermaid Barbie style. The interpreter of the tusa even showed tonsils with sheer and sparkly dresswhich perfectly matched her vibrant blue hair.

the gorgeous Carol G caused a sensation from the red carpet of the Billboard Awards to which she was invited to sing, and although the photograph is part of a series of images that the interpreter of Mommysong that sings along with Becky G; He shared as a memory of past months, without a doubt he ignited the spirits of his followers with his impressive figure.

And it is that, everything seems to indicate that prior to the start of his tour the bichota around Latin America, the 31-year-old singer became nostalgic, remembering the best moments of her life and artistic career in recent months, delighting with her beauty and ardor in tiny and daring outfits.

One of them was a glamorous sheer ball gown and bright blue, like a mermaid’s tail, and cut out design, which exposed her navel, but due to the thin fabric, it even showed her sore throat.

The amazing style of Carol G made her look like a real mermaid Barbie, thanks also to her mesmerizing vibrant blue hair, which complemented her red carpet look, which we all love.

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On that occasion, the ex-girlfriend of the reggaeton singer, Anuel AA It won an American Billboard award, confirming its presence and success, not only in Colombia and Latin America, but also in the United States.

Carol G begins its tour of Latin America this March 26, where most of the dates scheduled between now and June are already sold out, as is the case of the 3 venues in Mexico, Guadalajara, CDMX and Monterrey.

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Recently, Carolina Giraldo Navarrowhich is her real name, was recognized by Billboard as the Rule Breaker artist, for her innovative and rebellious career that has broken paradigms and stereotypes.

Karol G shows even her tonsils with a translucent and shiny dress, Barbie mermaid style. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“The beauty of life and dreams THAT IF THEY ARE FULFILLED and I still don’t fall for how and after so many years, but IF IT HAPPENS”, he expressed before such an award.