Karol G shows us that she is the “bichota mayor”

The Colombian and beautiful singer Karol G, through instagram, shared a post where she shows off a beautiful turquoise green hair and her attractiveness that characterizes her, because proud of her anatomy she wore a blue nightgown that only slightly covered her tiny suit of bathroom, showing what is necessary with elegance as good “Bichota”.

Carol G is one of the most listened to reggaetoneras of today, her instagram has more than 50 million followers, in it she shares dazzling photographs of her leaving little to the imagination or with her extravagant looks, also fragments of videos of her incredible concerts, always She is very active on this social network sharing what she is doing via InstaStories, all her activity is reflected because she earns more than a million followers approximately per month.

In fact, he placed the photographs adorning them by quoting one of his verses from his successful song called Bichota, which premiered on October 22, 2020, catapulting it back to the top of the lists of the most listened to songs and even today, even after almost a couple of years:

Always groom yourself, from toe to butt, because it may be that you run into my ass ������”

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Karol G shows us who the Bichota mayor is. Photo: instagram

In three dazzling images he lets us see his beauty and sensuality with his ‘chunky’ style with long light blue nails, also his jewelry, his representative tattoos and of course, ‘Gokú’ could not be missing, honoring the protagonist of Dragon Ball , his beloved English Bulldog, who was adopted along with his now ex-partner, also reggaeton singer Anuel AA Their breakup was made known last year, after three years of an apparently perfect relationship, some songs together, many photographs ‘goals’ , were loved and acclaimed by both fandoms, however, they had to come to an end with their relationship.

You can see his post HERE

Carol G She is a faithful lover of puppies, because apart from Goku, she is also accompanied by Otto, a great English shepherd, who, like her, has an Instagram account with more than 257 thousand followers, in said account we can come across tender images of the interpreter of Tusa together with the rapper Anuel giving a lot of love to the furry Otto, also other fun ones wearing different colored glasses or scarves.