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Although she had promised not to return to acting for a long time, the Mexican artist Carol Seville He could not say no to Disney when they offered him to be part of the series “It was always me”, a project in which he stars alongside the Colombian Pipe Bueno and with which, according to what he said, the entertainment company opens up to “more risky” topics.

It is the first project for the platform where Disney is going to risk going to a larger audience (of age), and it is going to tell topics that they had never told, the truth is, it is a pride and an honor to have this project and be part of it. this Disney change, they’re scared but we’re very confident”, confesses Sevilla in an interview with Efe this Wednesday.

With more mature characters and subplots of sexual diversity, by including a gay couple in the story, “It Was Always Me” explores a new, more open stage of the company through suspense.

I find it interesting that Disney can finally show what happens in the real world, in the world where we all live, that is completely normal and that it is no longer a taboo”, emphasizes the young woman.

The series, which premieres this Wednesday on the Disney+ platform, tells the story of Lupe (Karol), a young Mexican woman who has to travel to Colombia to attend the funeral of her father, “El Faraón”, who was the top star country rock.

Upon his arrival, he will realize that there is something strange behind the death and together with Noah (Pipe), the musician’s former assistant, he will try to unravel the mystery while romance and music become a fundamental part of the story.


With “ Siempre fue yo”, Pipe Bueno, who boasts a solid career as an urban singer, opened the door to the world of acting.

How to miss an opportunity with Mickey Mouse? It would be unheard of to do it, it’s a dream come true”, tells Efe Bueno.

And he highlights that the project is accompanied by musical themes that prevented him from missing his work as a singer.

“We made an album of 13 songs, we are not leaving music for an acting project, it is a ‘two for one’ where my musical career continues to develop and at the same time I can do my first project as an actor”, says the man born in Cali.

The experience for Karol was different, after starring in the children’s series “Soy Luna” in 2016, the young woman was determined to leave behind the image of “Disney girl” and with it her acting facet, but this choice was frustrated when she read the script of the series and was fascinated.

One of the things I have is that when I like a character I don’t get it out of my head and he challenges me to do it. When I saw that the character of Lupe had many challenges involved and that it was a completely different personality than what I had done, I said, I need to do it”, he recounts.

Now he confesses that it is “one of the best decisions” he has made in his career and that if he has any experience left, it is “never say never”, because fate holds surprises.


Pipe, 30, confesses that she thought her outfit for the series would be more impeccable, in the style of Disney: short hair and shaved off her face, however, the result was unexpected, because her character has a “more” look. hippy”.

When they were doing the ‘styling’ (styling) of how Noah was going to be, they told me: let your beard and hair grow, I thought they were going to ask me for a Disney boy style. I understood the concept and the idea that they bring and I found it more attractive”, confesses Pipe who identifies very little with Noah.

Likewise, Karol left behind the brightness and the “rosy” world of her former character Luna, a situation that she celebrates.

Luna was very Disney, very pink, very colorful and Lupe is more focused, she plays it safer, many boys and girls will feel very identified”, considers the actress.

Finally, the actors confess that a second season is already planned, which will begin recording in July. (Source: EFE)


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