Karole Rocher: this gift of great value that she gives to all her daughters

In the columns of Paris Match, Karole Rocher, the wife of humorist Thomas Ngijol, shared this (magnificent) gift she gives to all her daughters. Find out what it is.

For Karole Rocher, family is important. Moreover, since she gave birth to her four daughters, the actress and director feels like she has changed. “Thanks to them I learned to love, stopped lying to myself and started to find myself a little pretty. They force me to follow a line of conduct. I can’t mess around. I smoke, I act crazy, I I’m a little crazy but becoming a mother taught me to be honest. Sometimes we argue but never for long.” she confided in the columns of Paris Match.

While she still wears a Cartier ring in yellow, pink and white gold on her finger, Thomas Ngijol’s companion then revealed that it was a symbol that linked her to her children. “My two oldest daughters have the same one, and I’ll give it to the last two when they turn 20. It’s our thing!” added Karole Rocher. If she loves her daughters equally, the latter is however very close to Barbara Biancardini, with whom she is currently in the cinema in the feature film “Fratè”. “It was unthinkable to work without her. She is first assistant, directs short films and accompanies me on set since her first months.” confided the mother of the family. For his part, Thomas Ngijol confirmed: “Between them it’s fusional, passionate.”

Karole Rocher moved live on the radio

Note that on Tuesday June 14, 2022, Karole Rocher was Philippe Vandel’s guest on Europe 1. And in full live, she cracked up by talking about her relationship with her grandmother. “JI have infinite love for my grandmother. That’s why I’m also very moved to make this film. From where she is, in my opinion, she must be very happy. Each time I stood in front of her and I sang Dalida, it touches me a lot” she explained.