Kate and William are set to move to Windsor

Kate and William will leave central London and their apartments in Kensington Palace to settle around Windsor Castle, where the queen is now staying full time. With this move, the couple intends to offer a little more freedom to their children.

Bye bye London. Rumors of the royal couple moving are confirmed. The Cambridges and their three children, Louis, Charlotte and George, should leave the British capital to take up residence near Windsor Castle. This was confirmed the Times last Saturday. According to the British newspaper, the move should take place this summer, the three children of Kate and William will start their school year there in September and the couple have set their sights on a house located on the Windsor estate.

They could then invest in Windsor Castle, the newspaper also reports, stressing that Prince Charles does not intend to stay there as much as the Queen, who has made it her main home since confinement. When the time comes, Prince Charles intends to reign from Buckingham Palace, leaving Windsor Castle to his eldest son.

In the meantime, the couple will therefore settle in a house around the residence of the queen, without any address having really been confirmed for the time being, despite the rumors of moving into the Adelaide cottage.

Their family life at the heart of this move?

This move comes as Prince William will celebrate his 40th birthday on June 21, and would be, according to a friend of the couple, quoted by the Times, partly motivated by a desire to offer more freedom to their children, who caused a sensation. during the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this month. “The reality is that they are quite limited in what they can do in London”, explained the latter to the British newspaper, before stressing that “children cannot go to the park to play football with friends”.

Another reason could also have prompted the couple to leave Kensington Palace, which will however remain the couple’s London home, as Anmer Hall will remain, for its part, the secondary residence of Kate and William. While Prince William takes his role in the royal family very seriously, he might want to take advantage of the time he has left before he succeeds his father, the first heir to the throne. “They want to seize this time while they still can,” said another close to the couple. A final moment of “freedom” before serving the crown, a role that William and his wife Kate Middleton have already endorsed for several years.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-06-14/kate-et-william-vont-quitter-londres-pour-sinstaller-windsor-1230145