Kate and William cancel visit to Belize after anti-royal family protests

Saturday March 19, Prince William and Kate Middleton left England to begin their 8-day Caribbean tour. (Belize, March 19, 2022.) Abaca

Their arrival on the lands of Belize, in Central America, provoked the ire of the inhabitants. The couple were traveling there as part of an eight-day Caribbean tour to celebrate Commonwealth member states.

Belize, Jamaica, Bahamas… This Saturday, March 19, Prince William and Kate Middleton left England to begin their 8-day tour of the Caribbean. Its mission is to make them visit the Member States of the Commonwealth, dependent on the British crown, while launching the festivities of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, of which this year marks her 70 years of reign.

Their first stopover, however, was not a success. The royal couple, who began their trip through the region of Belize, in Central America, rubbed shoulders with the anger of the inhabitants, who welcomed them with killer signs. “We do not want them on our land,” they brandished during demonstrations organized the day before their arrival.

A colonial-style trip

The protests came after the Duke and Duchess planned a Sunday March 20 visit to a cocoa farm in the small village of Indian Creek (less than 1,000 people), located south of country. Locals denounced a “colonial-style” visit, as reported by the DailyMail . Above all, “The Village of Indian Creek is in open conflict with Flora and Fauna International, a charity that owns disputed adjacent property. William has been the godfather of FFI since 2020, the last in a line of members of the royal family dating back to George VI”, explains the British newspaper. “We don’t want them to land on our land, that’s the message we want to send. They could land anywhere but not on our land,” said Indian Creek Village Chairman Sebastian Shol.

Outraged by this “slap in the face”, the latter also complained of not having been informed of the conditions of arrival of the princely couple. Kate and William had to go there by helicopter and land on a football field, visibly used by the inhabitants of the city. “The organizer said we should let them use the football field and we should put on a good face,” said Dionisio Shol, a village leader, according to the report. DailyMail. And to add: “These are very prominent people, we respect them, but they must also respect us”. Anyway, the couple complied with the demands of their hosts, canceling the visit to the cocoa field.

Arriving in the afternoon of Saturday March 19 at Belize City airport, they were nevertheless welcomed by Governor General Froyla Tzalam. “They received a 21-gun salute quite different from what they are used to – with three miniature guns on small white tables fired with strings by men in uniform,” the British newspaper reported.

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