Kate and William would like to lighten the protocol during their travels

Kate Middleton and Prince William at Lynden Pindling International Airport. (Bahamas, March 26, 2022.) Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been in a bit of a shambles after their controversial Caribbean trip, which took place from March 19-26.

It would be unheard of. According to information from MirrorKate Middleton and Prince William would have decided to make a strong decision after their controversial Caribbean tour in March. At each stopover (Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas), the royal couple had indeed provoked the ire of the inhabitants, judging their arrival inappropriate and too ceremonial in these disadvantaged regions.

The latter had, on several occasions, accused the British royal family of having enslaved them in the past, and demanded compensation for this crime. On March 19, a photo crystallizing this painful memory had notably made the rounds of social networks: we saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Belize, shaking hands with residents of Trench Town, Jamaica, through a fence.

An “above ground” tour

In order to respond to the many criticisms that followed this trip, Kate Middleton and Prince William would therefore have decided to modernize the Crown, by revising its habits and customs. Thus, they would henceforth wish to be called by their first names, during official visits, and no longer by their royal titles. As an anonymous source explains to the British newspaper, the couple would have asked for a debriefing from their team, when they returned from the Caribbean. “Everyone agreed that the tour felt outdated, off the ground, too formal and stuffy,” the insider explained. So George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis, would also consider dropping the curtsey during their appearances.

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Saddened by the strong reactions aroused by his visits, Prince William had also taken advantage of a State dinner in Jamaica, on March 23, to present a solemn apology to the Caribbean people on behalf of the United Kingdom. “I want to express my deep sadness. Slavery was odious. This should never have happened, ”recognized the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

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