Kate Beckinsale sexier than ever at 48

The 48-year-old actress Kate Beckinsale shows herself in sexy outfits on Instagram – her fans are thrilled.

Most recently, actress Kate Beckinsale (48) made headlines with love rumors about “Aquaman” Jason Momoa (42). Now the British actress brings herself back into the conversation, but this time with full physical effort. Beckinsale shows up on Instagram in a Max Mara crop top and hot pants, as well as in a skin-tight cutout dress. The snapshots are from the shoot with the US magazine Flaunt, whose cover they are currently adorning. The mother of a daughter had previously presented herself freely and sexy on Instagram. It’s hard to believe that the actress is actually 48 years old with these sexy pictures. And Kate Beckinsale’s fans also go into raptures at the hot sight.

On Instagram because of mom

In an interview with the magazine, Kate said that the main reason she posts on Instagram is because of her mother. “I know when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she sees is what I’m up to. If I find something that’s funny or cute, it’s mostly for my mom,” the Hollywood star said. Whoever she’s posting to, her fans are bound to be looking forward to the next one.