Kate del Castillo calls Sean Penn a “deplorable traitor” for meeting with ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán | celebrities | Mexico | nndamr | PEOPLE

It seems like yesterday that Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn met with Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman in the Magical Town of Cosalá, but in reality eight years have passed. As is also true, the first actress does not have pleasant memories of that meeting, much less Sean Penn, whom she called a “deplorable traitor” for getting into his bed with deceit.

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In dialogue with the journalist Marie Antoinette Collinsto provide details of the “Fall Again” series, Kate del Castillo expressed her desire to participate in the Marvel company project.

“I would love … well, a new one, I would like to be the Mexican heroine, what they need, eh, a Mexican Latina out there, heroine, it would be great, I love all things action, I have a lot of fun”, Indian.

The first actress was calm and in good spirits, however, her reaction changed when she heard the name of “Chapo” Guzmán, with whom she was romantically linked and who kept her unable to visit Mexico for several years.

“The only thing that saves me is the truth, and I know who I am, I know what woman I am, I know where I have spread it, they are decisions that I made, it does not bother me in the least about something that I decided to do and who will be in my life forever.” narrowed.

If the interview was already tense when mentioning one of the drug lords in Latin America, it became more so when Del Castillo referred to Sean Penn as a “deplorable” being.

“He betrayed me and it will be him who goes to sleep peacefully, because I do not give a fifth for that person. He tricked me, he got into my bed, that is, there were a lot of things that you say ‘How deplorable!’, In other words, a deplorable person ”, pointed out the Mexican actress, who stated that her worst mistake was trusting a person she did not know.

Finally, Kate maintained that she is still afraid to return to Mexico, but she will not stop doing it because that is where her true home is.

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