Kate Middleton adds a touch of color to her smart look

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of the Caribbean has been full of all kinds of activities, which have led William and Kate to discover different facets of Belize and Jamaica. Of course, the smiles of the Dukes and the funny anecdotes have not been lacking in this official trip, but the Duchess’s suitcase continues to give something to talk about. On this trip, Kate’s looks have been characterized by the color and freshness of the region and it has become clear that she has had to make some changes to characteristic aspects of her image, such as her hairstyle, in order to adapt to the needs of the climate of these countries. That is why she has surprised that this morning she has appeared with one of her most sober work combinations, yes, giving it a complete turn by giving it a touch of color, an aspect that has marked her appearances in the last days. The Duchess not only had to meet the Prime Minister of Jamaica, but also the Duke and Duchess visited the Spanish Town Hospital and the local Shortwood Teacher’s College.

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Kate’s diplomatic look

If yesterday he was seen in two very different looks, first with a vintage jacket that he bought in his university days and then with a vibrant yellow dress and a design in different shades, this morning he has returned to one of the uniforms that he wears usually when you are working in the UK. For her meeting with the Prime Minister of Jamaica and his wife, Kate appeared in a tailored white linen suit made up of 575 pound sterling (approximately $15,327 Mexican pesos) trousers and a 1,370 pound (approximately $36,518 Mexican pesos) jacket. Alexander McQueen. This detail could be significant, since the Duchess usually chooses this firm for the most important occasions in her public life, and it is well known that this meeting had a special significance due to the president’s position on his separation from the crown.

While Kate’s outfit might resemble others we’ve seen on her, like the rosewood she debuted a couple of years ago, the Duchess managed to make it look completely different by adding a bit of color. The wife of Prince William combined it with a blouse in a striking orange Ridley London that with a lace-up collar and pleats is priced at 249 pounds sterling (something like $6,637 Mexican pesos). Thanks to her design, she not only added color to the look, but also slightly relaxed the formal image of the Duchess.

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The different touch of this look was given by the Duchess’s bag, which in the same tone as her blouse, has a woven design, as well as a wooden handle with a handcrafted finish. It is a model from the London store Willow Hilson Vintage and can be had for 229 pounds sterling (approximately $6,104 Mexican pesos). The white shoes were the Jimmy Choo Romy 85 model, giving continuity to the elegant suit she wore.

Unlike her other appearances, on this occasion, the Duchess did wear her hair in its traditional drying, moving away from the different hairstyles that she has had to use in recent days to cope with the high temperatures. This decision could well fall on the sobriety that was wanted to give this meeting to be one of the most important within the trip.

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