Kate Middleton and Prince William break the protocol

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    If we really like something Kate Middleton and Prince William It is his naturalness and closeness to the people. In addition to the simplicity with which they act in front of the cameras and when talking about her private life, like when we found out the trick that Kate had so that other girls did not flirt with William, when we found out that the prince loves to eat pizza on the sofa or Kate went to her first public event of 2022 with earrings of two euros. I’m sure you remember many of these anecdotes… Well, this very week they have once again demonstrated how folksy they are, although they had to violate protocol.

    Yes, yes, as you read it, the future kings of England have broken the rules. But for a good cause: making a fan happy by posing in a photo with her. Kate Middleton and William cannot take selfies with citizens for security reasons. Mainly, so that its exact location is not known. However, this time, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have acted differently on a visit to the Wheatley Group (Glasgow, Scotland) on the occasion of Mental Health Week, and there, they have taken a photo with a woman who has approached them truly excited:

    kate middleton and prince william taking a selfie with a fan

    ANDREW MILLIGAN/Getty Images

    Maintaining that kind of treatment (and having to break the protocol for it) in Kate and William is not too strange for us. What we don’t know is how will Elizabeth II take these things, the current queen of England and grandmother of Prince William. Since it is known that she does not like these acts with the people, essentially because he “misses eye contact” and she does not like people looking at her on the street or taking photos of her, as she has told on other occasions. Be that as it may, for us, Kate Middleton and Prince William can continue to be this close to the people, because they are adorable!

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