Kate Middleton and the look she chose for her portrait

With great fanfare it was announced that the Dukes of Cambridge They have posed for the first time for a joint portrait. Making clear the firm steps they are taking towards the future, as the second couple on the way to the line of succession, the Duke and Duchess have taken a more leading role in recent months in the face of the decrease in Queen Elizabeth’s calendar, in the face of her problems of mobility. It has been thus that the portrait that was commissioned since last year to the artist Jamie Coreth has been unveiled and that for the next three years can be seen exhibited in the Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge. The image is a fresh and simple one, in which the couple is seen as united as on their wedding day, in which their destiny would be marked. In a matter of minutes, the portrait had gone viral and lovers of Kate Middleton’s style could not help but notice each of the elements that the Duchess has chosen to be immortalized in this painting.



Kate Middleton, polka dot elegance at Royal Ascot

Kate’s Stylish Work Suit You’re Sure to Recognize

The look that will go down in history

Although the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most photographed women in the world and each of her looks is analyzed in detail, in what is well known as the Kate Effect, for this painting one might think that she has opted for simplicity when it comes to fashion. The Duchess has opted for a dress that we have seen before, not even one of her most applauded, but one that speaks of sophistication framed in simplicity, something that could have been highly considered by the experts who advise her.

The dress Kate is wearing was first seen in March 2020, when she attended the reception in her honor at the Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar, during her official visit to Ireland. It is the Falconetti model in emerald from The Vampire’s Wife, a firm especially favored by royals such as Princess Beatrice of York. It is a simple design with three-quarter sleeves and a skirt below the knee, framed with discreet ruffles. At the time, it could be obtained for 1,595 pounds sterling (just over $39,000 Mexican pesos) and precisely, Beatriz had been seen before at a wedding.


Although on that occasion, Kate wore it with gold accessories wearing H&M chandelier earrings and a Wilbur & Gussie clutch bag that contrasted with her green BB model Manolo Blahnik shoes, this time the Duchess wanted to give it a twist.

Kate’s spin on one of her most versatile outfits

If one could think that the artist was inspired by a photograph of this exit from Dublin due to the clothes worn by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it was Kate’s accessories, as well as some styling details that have shown that the couple has re-sheathed in these suits for a new pose.

The first clue of this has been Kate’s hair, that if in Ireland she had shorter hair and in a lighter tone, in the picture she can be seen with the hairstyle she has adopted this year, with less volume, darker and with the lightest stripe. The second big clue has been the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi model shoes that we have never seen Kate in public, but on this occasion they were the protagonists. It is the style that made Carrie Bradshaw widely famous and for which the brand is known around the world.

The third distinctive point and that could be considered the most significant within the image, have been the jewels that Kate wears, starting with the bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana. He is also seen wearing a striking pearl brooch with a drop-shaped pendant -something he does not usually wear-, which becomes the most precious piece in the painting, as it is the Duchess of Cambridge commissioned by Queen Victoria. for her aunt who bore this title in 1877, which in recent years we have seen Queen Elizabeth use. This is the first time Kate has worn the historic jewel, which she paired with Collingwood pearl drop earrings that Diana wore at the time.