Kate Middleton and the most seductive heels she has worn

In the midst of their respective controversy, due to doubts about the participation of Prince Andrew, the traditional service of the Order of the Garter was carried out in the United Kingdom. Given the many speculations about whether Queen Elizabeth’s son would be present, the ceremony was carried out without her presence and with a marked leadership from Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall – who, as rarely, was accompanied by the two of her children. Despite this, the gaze fell, as has happened in recent years, on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who in the absence of Queen Elizabeth, have taken the lead and find themselves taking on more and more special obligations and positions within the actual calendar. At first glance, in this protocol event, it seemed that the Duchess of Cambridge had opted for a safe and well-known option in her wardrobe, what nobody expected were the shoes that Kate chose for this occasion, because they have left more than one surprised thanks to her style and coquetry.


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Thanks to the history surrounding the Order of the Garter, which dates back to 1384 and is the oldest in the UK, not only do participants in the order appear clad in cloaks (which were first worn in the 15th century) and Tudor-inspired hats, but the guests usually opt for looks that adhere to traditional fashion canons, with everything and headdresses that combine perfectly with their look. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge resorted to a Catherine Walker coat dress in light blue that combined perfectly with her engagement ring. Topping off the look, Kate wore a hat by Juliette Botterill that can be had for £560 (about $13,916 Mexican pesos) and a clutch bag in the same shade by Jenny Packham.

The hue of Kate’s dress and hat not only perfectly matched the famous engagement ring she received from Prince William, but also matched the jewelry she chose for this appearance. It was the earrings and the tanzanite necklace that the Duchess debuted in 2012. The set is from the firm G. Collins & Sons and is a design with a tanzanite in the shape of an inverted drop surrounded by diamonds. The earrings are priced at 6,100 pounds sterling (approximately $151,585 Mexican pesos), while the necklace was on sale for 8,400 pounds (something like $208,741 Mexican pesos).

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The shoes of desire

While Kate’s look could pass for any of her other formal appearances, it wasn’t until she lowered her gaze a bit that she gave herself the special touch. And it is that the Duchess of Cambridge put aside her reliable Gianvito Rossi in different colors, to bet on some showy sneakers that have not left anyone indifferent. While from the front, it seemed that Prince William’s wife was wearing a model similar to those that are usually seen, it was a photograph of her from the side that revealed her best kept secret.

It is the Love Link Sling 105 model from the firm Aquazzura in a blue tone. Its sensual design is not only framed by a very high stiletto heel, but also because it is an undercut model, supported by an overlapping chain with rhinestones. The shoes are described by Edgardo Osorio, designer of the firm, as: “Pure sensuality. These heels will make you feel sexy and seductive on every occasion”, adjectives that are not usually linked to Kate, who tends to opt for the classic and discreet.

In a matter of minutes, these shoes have become an object of desire on social networks -like almost everything the Duchess wears-, but they can still be obtained -exclusively online- for 850 euros ($18,160 Mexican pesos, approximately). .