Kate Middleton and the mystery of her Pippa brooch

The surprise appearance of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in the Anzac service accompanying Prince William, had his own fashionable twist. If her eyes rested on the coat dress that we have known the Duchess for some years, her accessories have been the ones that have caught her attention the most. From her headband-style headdress that she has in various colors and we have seen in her latest appearances, placing her as her favorite accessory for formal appearances, to her simple accessories in black. But if her look seemed like one that we had seen before, there was a detail that strongly caught her attention and that has become a true mystery among the followers of her style, the brooch with which she adorned the dress. her. Although most of her jewels are well known, either because they have appeared in previous engagements or because they belong to Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry box, on this occasion, more than one has been intrigued with the origin of the brooch.



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The dress that we did not know that Kate had worn in the celebration of Easter

It is a discreet fern-shaped brooch in diamonds and white gold, and beyond its simple design, what has attracted attention is that it could well be a direct nod to Pippa Middleton. At the wedding of the youngest of the sisters, the bride wore a kind of tiara that had the same design in the same materials. At the time, it was believed that it was a piece made by the jeweler Robinson Pelham, and although nothing was said about this, it could well have been a gift from his parents, because as it is remembered, for the royal wedding in 2011, Carole and Michael Middleton commissioned earrings for Pippa, the same ones she wore to her wedding in 2017.


At the time, it was not explained what the ferns meant to the family and why Pippa had decided to give them a starring role on her wedding day, but Kate’s brooch suggests that they have some kind of relationship with the Middletons. It should not be forgotten that prior to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Middleton coat of arms was unveiled and one of those figures served as inspiration for the creation of the earrings that her parents gave to the bride. . It was about earrings with figures of hazelnuts and oak leaves made in diamonds and that were made with the Cartier tiara in mind so that they made a perfect harmony.

Kate Middleton does not risk (and wins) with her favorite dress on Easter Sunday

The Duchess look

In this appearance, Kate turned to an old acquaintance. It is her dress coat in ivory color, design by Alexander McQueen that she premiered in July 2015 at the christening of Princess Charlotte. Proving that it is a perfect design for special occasions, in 2016 she wore it at the Trooping the Colour, in 2017 at the commemoration of the Battle of Passchendaele and now at Westminster Abbey.


The most coveted piece of this look was Jane Taylor’s ivory and black tiara headpiece. The Claypso Halo model can be had for 830 pounds sterling (about $21,314 Mexican pesos) and is an ideal option for an event like this. Kate has shown that this style has become one of her favorites, by also wearing it in another color at the Easter service a few days ago.

In contrast to the immaculateness of her dress, the Duchess wore black accessories with a Roxy Jenny Packham clutch bag and her inevitable Gianvito Rossi 105. As for jewelry, in addition to the mystery brooch and the traditional poppy, she wore earrings of pearls in the shape of a drop, from Princess Diana.