Kate Middleton and William, first time alone as Prince-Princess of Wales

Britain is in mourning after the death of the Queen isabel IIand the royal family is going through a process of transition and changes that impact both the monarchy and the form of government and organization for the future.

Among these changes come the new appointments and after the king Charles III assumed office, one of his first acts was to appoint his eldest son, Prince William, to the title of Prince of Wales, making his wife, Kate Middleton, the new Princess of Wales.

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The title is very significant, since previously, the Prince of Wales was Charles and at the time, that is why his first wife, Lady Di, She was the Princess of Wales. The title technically later passed to Camilla Parker, the now king’s second wife, but out of respect for the memory of Diana Spencer, who died in 1997, she never officially used it.

Now, the new princes of wales have just made their first public appearance alone already with this new title. After the appointment, came the protocol acts; The queen’s coffin traveled from her Balmoral castle in Scotland to Edinburgh, the capital city, where her children spent a night keeping watch.

Later, the coffin was taken to London and now rests in Westminster Hall, where it will remain until September 19, which is the funeral. Kate Middleton and the prince william they had participated in some of these commemorative acts, but always as part of the entourage, never just the two of them.

First came the long-awaited meeting with the Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Marklewhen the four went out to thank and greet the people who attended Windsor Castle to express their condolences.

Then in the procession to Westminster, couples also participated, William and Harry marching with their father, the king’s brothers and other characters, behind the coffin. Kate Middleton in a car with Camila Parker, and Meghan Markle in another car with Prince Edward’s wife, Sofia of Wessex.

This time, Kate Middleton and Prince William were the only two members of the royal family in Sandringham, the family’s country house located in this village in Norfolk. As is tradition, they approached the flower arrangements and other symbolic samples that visitors leave at the entrance of the property; and they also greeted and talked with several of those present.

this ride is memorable and symbolic, because it marks the first time that the couple has made a solo public appearance, already as Prince and Princess of Wales. Likewise, it is expected that with this new appointment, a visit to Wales will be made in the near future.

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