Kate Middleton, confronted with a “nervous” man in the crowd: the princess reacts to perfection

The public did not spare Kate Middleton on January 31, when she left in a market in Leeds, in the north of England. Alpagated by the crowd, the Princess of Wales was confronted with a nervous man as well as whistles. She always knew how to react in the best way…

By letting in Kate Middleton in the royal family, the Windsor clan made a winning bet. Since her first appearance on William’s arm, following the announcement of their engagement in 2010, each of her outings has been flawless. And this, even when the tension rose or that the royal family was splashed by various scandals. On January 31, the Duchess of Cambridge showed unfailing composure in the face of a man quite exhilarated at the idea of ​​meeting her in the flesh.

Kate Middleton, arrested by an urgent man

The scene took place in Leeds in the north of England, where the Princess of Wales, dressed in a dark green coat and a long off-white dress, enjoyed a walkabout in the aisles of the Kirkgate Market, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. She had also planned to visit the many stands and talk to the merchants. Many admirers were present to greet her and try to photograph her. One of them, a man in his early twenties, then called her a little urgently to ask her for a selfie.

A “a little nervous” man… and a masterful Kate!

If she answered him in the affirmative, the 41-year-old duchess, however, made him understand that he did not have to ask in this way. “Sorry I’m a little nervous“, the man apologized. “Please don’t worry, everything is fine. We’re all a little nervous“, replied with an Olympian calm Kate Middleton, always smiling. The mother of George (9 years old), Charlotte (7 years old) and Louis (4 years old) even took care to add once the photo was taken: Enchanted to meet you ! Take care of you.

Kate Middleton, rudely whistled

As she waved to the crowd on that same outing, whistles also sounded as it passed. Once again, the princess showed an exemplary attitude by ignoring these rude slights. By acting in this way, the one who is promised to assume the role of queen consort has thus applied to perfection the historical motto of the royal family: Never explain, never complain (never explain, never complain).

In recent times, William’s wife has also had to respect her on many occasions, her nerves having been put to the test by the successive scandals within the royal family, the latest revelations from Prince Harry and the death of ‘Elizabeth II.

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