Kate Middleton cuddles up with William at a polo match in Windsor

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Kate Middleton cuddles up with William at a polo match in Windsor
Kate Middleton kissed Prince William profusely as his team won the Berkshire charity polo tournament. © James Manning/dpa/i Images/Imago

Kate Middleton and Prince William have shared rare moments together at a charity polo match in Windsor. Even the family dog ​​Orla was part of the party. But what is behind the private insights of the Cambridges?

Berkshire – Rarely do royal fans witness public kissing and other physical displays of affection. But at the Royal Charity Polo Cup in Berkshire Kate Middleton (40) and Prince William (40) full of cuddles, kissed and strolled arm in arm across the lawn. How nice that the Cambridges can still act like teenagers in love after eleven years of marriage.

Kate Middleton cuddles up with William at a polo match in Windsor

His polo team’s win of the benefit tournament raised a million dollars to various charities and the Duke of Cambridge kisses his wife sweetly. Because the couple is in the middle of moving, the family dog ​​Orla was probably also part of the party. She was also extensively cuddled spoiled by the Duchess.

The sweet moment between Prince William and Kate were celebrated by royal fans around the world. If you missed a small detail, you could quickly be taught: The kiss of the royal couple also took place on a very special day – the international kissing day, which is celebrated every year on July 6th. But Kiss Day or not, the question is whether etiquette allows for Public Display of Affection (PDA) moments.

“We know they are very affectionate,” reveals royal expert Emily Nash

There is no royal protocol banning public displays of love, but Prince William and Kate often limit PDAs to less formal, more intimate appearances. Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier (40), founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette, puts it in People magazine: “They are trusted to use their own judgment to decide when to [PDAs] are appropriate”.

“We’re less likely to see PDA at a more somber or more formal event than at a casual event where it’s considered more appropriate,” explains Meier. In fact, Kate and William are always very independent in the spotlight and hardly ever kiss. But Royal editor of “Hello!” magazine Emily Nash reveals: “We know that they [Kate und William] are very affectionate”. It shows up in happy moments like winning a polo game. Sources used: hellogmagazin.com, people.com, Instagram