Kate Middleton: his brother James subject to depression, he confides in his miracle cure

In a recent interview with Hello Magazinereported by the site People this Monday, May 9, 2022, James Middleton returned to his depression. The opportunity for Kate Middleton’s brother to share his secrets.

For each problem there is a solution. Diagnosed in May 2020 with clinical depression, James Middleton has now found an effective remedy to deal with this terrible disease. Indeed, as reported by the magazine PeopleMonday, May 9, 2022, Kate Middleton’s brother recently shared his little secrets to better manage his depression.

During an interview at Hello MagazineJames Middleton confided talking to his dogs. An act to say the least astonishing but which, in the eyes of the husband of Alizée Thévenet, has real virtues. “Putting yourself first to take a moment is sometimes difficult, but so important“, specified the businessman, before adding: “You can tell a dog your darkest thoughts and trust them because they won’t tell anyone else..” A useful process for the 35-year-old entrepreneur who sees this solution as a real “release“.

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James Middleton shares his pain

In 2019, James Middleton had lifted the veil on his mental problems with the DailyMail. “I know that I lead a privileged, extremely blessed life. But that didn’t make me immune to depression…“, he had first estimated, before revealing some details about his depression: “All the colors and the emotion was like washed out, everything was gray and monotonous […] Depression is difficult to describe. It is a disease, a cancer of the mind. It is not a feeling, but an absence of feeling. You live without purpose or direction.

And to conclude, on his relationship with his loved ones: “Their anxious messages were growing every day and yet I couldn’t answer it and I drowned further in a swamp of despair.”

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